Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday Foto - why I love this image

Happy New Year!

I'm kicking off 2014 with a new resolution to be more active on my blog!  I have so many wonderful photos I want to share with you and time is always my enemy.  So, I'm beginning this week with what I hope is to be a new regular feature - "Friday Foto  - why I love this image".

Each week I will post an image and explain a little bit of the story behind the image.  It might be the reason I captured it, what was special about the subject matter or perhaps it might be about compositional elements which for me make the photo really work.  A great image should evoke an appropriate emotional response in the viewer - only you can feel if that happens for you and of course this is art… highly subjective and each persons response will be different.

But I hope you enjoy this new feature and get a glimpse of what makes a photo important to me.  I'll also be including a little of the technical info too for the techies out there :)

Starting off this week with a favourite image from last year. Do please share your thoughts below and share this post with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

This image was taken as part of a lifestyle shoot of two siblings - these sessions frequently provide images of children running around laughing and having fun.  But within a session there is a chance to capture the many sides to the individual child's character.  Quite often they become absorbed in play and forget the camera completely as here - the little girl fixated on her umbrella.  Up to this point she had been running up and down the steps and twirling the umbrella around….. then a quiet reflective moment.   I love the the stillness and the fact she is not aware of the camera.  As a mum myself I'm only too aware of the fleeting moments of our children this motionless - and by capturing it the moment can be held forever.  Converting the image to black & white enhances the mood of the image and creates a timeless fine art portrait.

Techy Stuff:

Camera:  Canon 5D II
Focal Length:  200m
Aperture: f4
Exposure 1/640
Iso: 200
Shot in manual mode, no flash

This image was awarded a bronze bar from The Guild of Professional Photographers.

Judi is a lifestyle and wedding photographer based near Oxford working mainly in Oxfordshire,  Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds but will consider comissions throughout the UK.  Working on location using natural light Judi focuses on capturing beautiful relaxed images of you and your family using a mix of reportage and fine art style photography. Using an artistic eye Judi will not just capture your memories but create a work of art which can be presented in luxury fine art albums or as framed art or canvases to hang in your homes. 

Judi also provides services for commercial businesses including headshots, nursery and pre-school portraits as well as special events such as birthdays and christenings etc. She is a member of both The Society for Wedding & Portrait Photographers and The Guild of Professional Photographers.

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