Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Art Nude/Boudoir Workshop with Denton Photography (Please be aware this blog includes images of nudity)

Christmas madness has finally taken hold in our house. Icing chocolate reindeer buns at 6.30am was probably the event to tip me over the edge so in an effort to remove myself from the chaos I'm posting some images here from a workshop I did last month.

Boudoir is all the rage right now, and increasingly a popular event for brides-to-be to offer a special surprise for their future husbands.  However, its not exclusively for the young and many in their fabulous forties, flirty fifties or even sexy sixties are seeking out the attention of a good boudoir photographer who can provide a makeover/pampering session and come away with some fabulous images showing off their body at its best.

So when I found out John Denton was offering a workshop down in Dorset I decided it was a must.  As a member of the SWPP I have worked with John before, attending a members' training day earlier in the year (see earlier blogs). John is a well known photographer both as a creative and a trainer. I love working with him as he is open and willing to share his knowledge to those of us trying to get a foothold in this overcrowded industry. He also encourages you to think for yourself and try things, whether they work or not. I have been to some workshops where the stage is set up and you file through one at a time to take your shot without any thought or input to what you are doing.  Nedine of Fera Photography had kindly opened up her studio for the day to a small group of attendees and the beautiful Camilla was there as our muse for the day.  It was a typical November day - damp and freezing cold - but she gave us some great work both indoors and out with blankie and hot water bottle close to hand between shots! These are my images from the day, including Camilla's trade mark test shot pose!

This was my first attempt at nude/boudoir style shots and started with some head shots (above). We then moved on to try different poses in the studio before going outside from some nude shots, finally ending the day back in the studio (after Camilla had warmed up!).

The art of boudoir photography is a wide ranging genre and likely to be interpreted differently by every photographer out there offering this service. 

And finally the test shot - familliar to all who have worked with Camilla!  I take my hat off to her (but no more mind!) for working in such extreme temperatures to such good effect.

Boudoir differs from glamour photography by aiming to produce beautiful, tasteful and empowering fine art photographs capturing the beauty, sensuality and individuality of the subject .  While the client may be dressed in lingerie or partially nude, boudoir photography probably has as much to do with attitude than their clothes, their figure or their age.

I hope to be offering Boudoir Sessions in the near future, but anyone interested in acting as a model for a shoot can contact me and I will happily provide images on disk in return. 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy 2012!

Now, back to those buns.....
Judi x