Monday, 20 January 2014

Business Portraits - Is it time your image had a make over?

There's no better time to enhance your business communications with an up-to-date business portrait than right now. The New Year signals a fresh outlook - reports everywhere tells us people are looking to start the year with change.  Maybe you are looking for a new job, taking up a new hobby, getting a different hairstyle or seeking a new romantic adventure either way its an exciting time of year for embarking on a new venture.  And for businesses its a great time to connect with people who are looking for something fresh and new.

A business portrait or headshot used on marketing materials and social media sites is a powerful business tool.  Done well, it will help market you and your business. We all like to know who we’re doing business with and in today's market an online presence is key. With company websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn plus traditional printed marketing materials there’s every reason to present the right image.  Does your profile reflect the person you are now - or is it a shot from 10 years ago, or maybe even a hazy, out-of focus selfie from your mobile phone?

The ideal headshot shows elements of your character - your friendliness, approachability and professionalism.  It can also show off your creativity, flair and quirkiness but must be appropriate to the job you do and the impression you wish to create.  No longer are stuffy portraits sat behind a desk acceptable, today's business portrait has a fresh and inspiring look that seeks to communicate with the modern world we live in and present a unique image.

It reflects more than just a physical likeness and communicates your professionalism and identity. It will raise your profile to those within your own business and beyond and encourage people to engage and network with you, even if you have never met them.  With the right approach it becomes part of your brand.  We all know people like to do business with people they know, like and trust –  does your business portrait currently reflect this? 

Once you've booked yourself in for a shoot its important think about what to wear.  Although by its very nature the shot is simply of your head and shoulders,  different styling will convey a different impression and thus how you are perceived.  Consider how you wear your hair - its probably best not to get a completely new hair style done for your shoot but go with something that you are comfortable with.  If you have long hair you may opt to have some shots with your hair up or tied back and some with it down to create different looks.

Similarly think about your neck area - you may opt to wear a scarf or collared jacket.  Consider also high necked jumpers versus v-neck with a elegant piece of jewellery. Different looks will suit different body shapes and create a different image.  I am always willing to discuss styling choices with clients prior to their shoot and recommend having two different outfits available.  Incorporating a change of outfit for your shoot will give you more options when you come to select your chosen images.

My images will show a relaxed but professional you. I take a little time to get to know a bit about you and your business role to ensure the portrait created for you reflects this.  There will be no formal pen holding or stiff poses but a refreshing and approachable image that says ‘come and talk to me”.
As we start a new year does your business portrait need a makeover?  If so then contact me to arrange a date for your headshot shoot.  You can also view more examples of my work on my website.

Judi x

Judi is a wedding and family lifestyle photographer based near Oxford working mainly in Oxfordshire,  Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds but will consider comissions throughout the UK.  Working on location using natural light Judi focuses on capturing beautiful relaxed images of you and your family using a mix of reportage and fine art style photography. Using an artistic eye Judi will not just capture your memories but create a work of art which can be presented in luxury fine art albums or as framed art or canvases to hang in your homes. 

Judi also provides services for commercial businesses including headshots, nursery and pre-school portraits as well as special events such as birthdays and christenings etc. She is a member of both The Society for Wedding & Portrait Photographers and The Guild of Professional Photographers.  You can find out more about Judi and her work on her website

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