About Judi

I'm Judi Checketts and I'm a social photographer - that means I like taking photos of people!

Here you'll find out more about the work I do and explore some of the many photographs I've taken. Its a priviledge to be invited into a person's life to document their children, family or wedding and something I take very seriously.....while making sure everyone has a fun time!!

I'm all about the stories, my son loves listening to me read him stories and its something we never grow out of. We tell our families, friends, and anyone who expresses an interest in us about the key moments in our lives: the moment you met your husband or wife, the day your son was born, watching your children grow up, weddings, christenings, anniversaries... these are all events we cherish.

I work with imagery and I love to tell these stories through photographs. To capture a moment in time and preserve it for future generations. I love how you will look back on these images in years to come and relive the events remembering both the story of the day but crucially the emotion too. Each time you look at an image you feel yourself back there in that moment. The ability to evoke this emotional impact on the viewer is my goal when I photograph you.

Everyone has a story and each story is unique. It is you and your stories that inspire me and that is at the heart of what I do.

If this connects with you and you are inspired by my photographs then please get in touch via my contact page. Lets start telling your story...

Judi x