Thursday, 11 August 2011

Golden Wedding Anniversary in Dorset

Its amazing just how many wedding anniversaries there are at the end of July - both my parents and my husbands parents also married on the last weekend in July. They of course were teachers and keen to make it the first weekend of the summer holidays which goes someway to expaining the appeal of this weekend. This year it was the turn of Ralph and Freda to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary and great to see two people still happily married and enjoying life together.  They had a celebration with their family & friends which included son Clive and his american wife Lisa - friends of my husband and I from our days when we were living in the USA. 

It was a lovely day, the rain stopped midday and the sun came out which allowed everyone to enjoy the garden which was looking splendid thanks to Ralph's green fingers! We enjoyed catching up with old friends and I captured some great pictures of the couple with their family and friends - some of my favourite from the day are below.