Wednesday, 8 June 2011

SWPP Members Training Day - Morag MacDonald

Yesterday I attended a SWPP members training day.  It's been a while since I found time to attend an educational course for myself but it was a good reminder of the benefits and inspiration we can get from observing others work. The day focused on using natural light and creating additional lighting where necessary in a way which still retains a natural look. Something all photographers try hard to achieve! Morag MacDonald has I style I appreciate being a fellow documentary photographer so I was particularly keen to learn how she approaches her work and creates her images. Like me, she tries to avoid overly posed images and may direct on occasion rather than formally pose a shot.

Her work shows strong influences of film noir and uses natural light to create shadowy, contoured images which give her subjects a 3D feel and realism and thus creates a natural feel to her work. The ability to place a subject in the available light and position yourself as the photographer correctly to create these images is a skill and an art not learnt overnight but with many years practise and refinement. I came away from the day feeling inspired and with a passion to attempt some of what I learnt.  Although we have similarities in our style, it is not my intention to copy Morag.  As with all art and photography that inspires me, I take the learning on board to use and create images in my own style.  A few images from the day are posted below. (Thanks to our model for the day Vivienne Edge).

Friday, 3 June 2011

Another bronze award from the SWPP

I love taking all kinds of photographs - if its there I'll shoot it!  Every style and subject is a learning experience which feeds into my professional work.  So I was pleased to achieve another bronze award from the Societies for this single entry shot of an Eagle in last months competition. June is going to be a busy month with half-term over its back to business - prewedding shoots, SWPP members day course with Morag MacDonald....and that's just next week!