Friday, 23 September 2011

Man's best friend...

Its been a while since I posted and after a busy summer there's lots to catch up on so look out for more blogs on what I've been up over the next few weeks.  Today I want to share with you some photos taken during the summer when an old friend came to stay with his pet schnauzer Ross.  I've known Ian since I was a teengaer (so a long time!!) and Ross since he was a puppy.  Ian moved to Madrid a few years back when I was still living out in Boston in the States. Like me, he wasn't one to leave his pets behind so his best buddy went too.  Ross is now 14 years old - and starting to slow down.  Earlier this year he was diagnosed with liver disease and Ian thought they only had weeks if not days left together.  Miraculously some pills from the vet have worked wonders for him and Ross has bounced back.  Not a cure, but much improved and enjoying a good quality of life in his old age.

So it was great to see them both over the summer and I decided to get some photos of them both together.  We went for a walk in the woods nearby (the benefits of country living!) and Ross was like a puppy again running through the woods.  I got some great images of them both - and of my boy Jack who found Ross irresistable!!

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