Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Seductive Boudoir - boost your self-esteem with a session just about you!

A couple of months back I took part in a specialist training session with Kate Hopewell-Smith dedicated to shooting gorgeous pictures of women and making them feel very special.  Kate has developed an impressive portfolio in this genre of photography and is acclaimed as one of the countries best boudoir photographers.  She is also a fantastic trainer as many budding photographers who make the trek up to the reknown Aspire training school in the Lakes have experienced.  This was my second Aspire training course with Kate and as before it was a great learning experience.

Based at Pipewell Hall in Northants this boutique hotel provided a chic location for our shoots and was the first Aspire Boudoir Training course to be held outside the Lake District. Stylist Rachel Hayton from Aspire was on hand to offer advice together with hair and make-up artists to make our ladies look sumptuous. Location is important when deciding to have a boudoir shoot - while there are advantages to choosing the right hotel for the shoot it can also be done at your home. Careful selection of your rooms for lighting, colour and overall furnishings is important as this brings your images to a higher aesthetic level.  Another key factor is preparation - this shoot is all about you as a woman.  Making you look the best you are and a little pampering in your preparation not only rewards you emotionally but also enhances your photographs. A manicure and maybe a little light tanning session before your shoot combined with a hair and make-up artist on the day will make you feel, and look, on top of the world.  Pure Indulgence!

Put a little thought into your choice of lingerie too - silk wraps and furs can be added to create a more seductive look, and soft, muted colours tone better than hard red and blacks.  Lacey tops and sheer materials also help create that seductive feel to an image.  These sessions are not about explicit nudity but celebrating a woman's body and her curves - for which the hint of what is underneath can be just, if not more, exciting. And of course don't forget your heels!

Many women choose to have a boudoir session as a present to their husbands or boyfriends but a great many also do it purely for themselves - a treat or reward which can really boost self-esteem.  None of the women we shot were models - just ordinary women for whom a little pampering, pretty underwear and good lighting can be photographed to look as beautiful as they are.  And the results are incredible - most women do not realise how wonderful they are and how good their bodies look and its worth remembering most women seeking the boudoir experience are 30-50 years young and have had children.  Seeing yourself in this way is such a rewarding experience and you have the photographs as a constant reminder of that.

The images from your session can be purchased as a fine art album, a box set of photographs or a beautiful framed fine art print to hang in your bedroom.

After your session you leave on a real high - and having invested so much in the day there is no better way to finish off the day than with a special evening out so make sure you have booked something in advance.  Keep the basque on and throw over a favourite jacket and go and have dinner with your husband/partner or girl friends.  Its been a day you won't forget!

Thank you Kate and the Aspire team - a great day learning and shooting with you!

I'll be following this up with another blog posting detailing more of the shots I took but if you are interested in booking a boudoir session call or email me for further details.

Judi  x

Judi is a fine art lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Oxfordshire working mainly in Oxfordshire,  Wiltshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds but will consider comissions throughout the UK.  Working on location using natural light Judi focuses on capturing beautiful relaxed images of you and your family. Using an artistic eye Judi will not just capture your memories but create a work of art which can be presented in luxury fine art albums or as framed art or canvases to hang in your homes. 

Judi also provides services for commercial businesses including headshots, nursery and pre-school portraits as well as special events such as birthdays and christenings etc.

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